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National Team BEAST

Our BEAST team consists of 4 levels of selected alpine racers:

  • Development Team

    • Detected talented skiërs who are U10/U12 and that train with the BEAST structure
    • Racers who have not yet obtained our BEAST-team criteria (RBSF points or race results) but that are selected to train with our BEAST structure
  • B - Team

    • Racers who have obtained the B-criteria (RBSF/FIS points or race results)
  • A - Team

    • Here we can find all the racers who have obtained the A-criteria (RBSF/FIS or race results)
  • Elite Team

    • Racers who have shown exeptional results (RBSF/FIS or race results
    • Our national taskforce topsport alpine skiing is responsible for all selections and criteria.

BEAST - Belgian Alpine Ski Team - Winter 2016 trailer from Sneeuwsport Vlaanderen on Vimeo.

The list of racers that are currently a part of our BEAST-Team: